Wild Journeys - 3 DVDs

Ireland's Most Remarkable Wildlife Travellers
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From the 20,000km flown annually by the Manx Shearwater to the transatlantic voyages of our eels and salmon, Wild Journeys follows these voyagers to the ends of the Earth, showing the extraordinary challenges they meet and the magnificent landscapes they visit en-route.

The series publicises the vital work of Irish scientists as they tag and track the animals across the globe and reveals the amazing network of wildlife that links all like across the continents;
how global warming directly affects our Barnacle Geese as they struggle to cope with a rapidly changing Arctic and the extraordinary distances covered by our marine animals.

As these remarkable creatures prepare to travel to or from Ireland, Wild Journeys is there to show us their Irish lives and chart each step of their epic journey.
Never again will viewers take for granted an exhausted salmon leaping at a weir or the ragged formations of geese heading north into the Atlantic.

Filmed in High Definition over two years and accompanied by a superb soundtrack by Rónán Ó Snodaigh, this three part series shows the natural beauty of Ireland as never before.

Gesamtspielzeit: 156 min

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