The Wolfe Tones - The Anthology of Irish Song

2 CDs
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CD 1

1. My Heart is in Ireland
2. Rifles
3. Paddy's Night Out
4. Ta Na La
5. The Merman
6. The Snowy Breasted Pearl
7. The Wearing Of The Green
8. Uncle Nobby's Steamboat
9. Man From Mullingar
10.Flight Of The Earls
11.Toor A Loo
12.Song Of Liberty
13.A Soldier's Life
14.The Butcher's Apron
15.Flow Liffey Waters
16.The Mullingar Fleadh
17.My Green Valleys
18.Janey Mac I’m Nearly 40
19.The Fighting 69th
20.Admiral William Brown
21.Rock On Rockall

CD 2

1. We Shall Overcome
2. Men Behind The Wire
3. Joe McDonnell
4. The Orange And The Green
5. Patriot Game
6. Sunday Bloody Sunday
7. The Divil Is Dead
8. Up The Rebels (Dance Mix)
9. Come Out Ye Black and Tans
10.Padraic Pearse
11.Boys Of The Old Brigade / One Road
12.Never Beat The Irish
13.Irish Eyes
14.This Is The Day
15.Streets Of New York
16.Let The People Sing
17.Dreams Of Home
18.Billy Reid

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