Traditional Irish Music - Collectors Box á 5 CDs

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Auf diesen 5 CDs finden Sie mehr als 300 Minuten der besten irischen und keltischen Musik!

CD 1
Ross Kennedy & Archie McAllister - The Gathering Storms
1. The Milltimber Jig -Priscillas - Donald MacLean
2. The Braes o' Bedlay
3. The Doctors Reel -The Spinning Wheel -Sullivan's -Johnny Lad -The Jura Music Festival Reel
4. Ossian
5. The Lark in the Morning
6. The Gathering Storms -The Lowland of Scotland -Feadan Glan A' Phiobair
7. The Water is Wide
8. The Rock on the Clyde -Kissed Yestreen -Miss Campbell of Sheerness -The Skylark's Ascension
9. The Bonnie Ship the Diamond
10. Happy We Are Aw the Gither
11. The Bride's Reel -The White Crow -Southwest Bridge Reel -The Auld Fiddler -Fag a Phiob Bhochd.

CD 2
Skirm & Dezi Donnelly - Welcome - Live in Hamburg
1.Monaghan and Kilfenora
2. Men of worth
3. Selection of reels
4. Same old story
5. Jim Hoy/Unknown reel/Earl's chair
6. Carrigfergus
7. Grandmother's eyes
8. Charlie Lennon's/The high level/The independent
9. Star/The mason's apron
10. Pride of the Springfield Road
11. Joe Burke's

CD 3
North Cregg - ...and they danced all night
1. Jigs - McGoldrick’s / Thunderhead
2.. Polkas
3. Song - The Wobbling Man
4. Reels - Sean Ryan’s / Reilly Of The White Hill
5. Song - The Long Road
6. Reels - House Of Hamill / The Highest Hill In Sligo / The Mullbrae
7. Song - You And Me
8. Polkas - Seamus Creagh’s
9. Reels - The Boogie Reel / The Happy Reel / Knefsky Prospect
10. Song - Roseville Fair
11. Jigs - Johnny Leary’s
12. Song - Pressganged Paddy.

CD 4 Broderick - Kissing Fishes
1. Fishing Reels
2. Do you love an apple
3. The shig jigs
4. The claudy banks
5. Tommy Peoples
6. Farewell to Highland
7. The holy ground
8. La Charmante Fille de Clare
9. Kissing Fishes
10. Bramblethorn

CD 5 The Doonans - Further Along Black Leg Miner
Movin On Song
Fiddler Around The Fairy Tree
The Exiles Song
Here’s The Tender Coming
House Of The Rising Sun
Bank Of Ireland
Woman Of The House
Humours Of Whisky
The Collraine Jig
The Wedding Song
The Oopik Waltz
Further Along

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